Face-to-face contributes hundreds of millions to important causes every year. Charities need this support now as much as ever – even more so in many cases. So we must maintain the vital connection between charities and people who want to donate. At the same time, nothing is more important than the safety of our staff and customers.

To meet the challenges presented by Covid-19, we’ve introduced a range of social distancing measures and other changes to ensure we operate our campaigns safely, responsibly and sensitively. Full details can be found in our policy ‘Covid-19: Safe and Responsible Fundraising’, which follows the guidance of the Fundraising Regulator and the government.

Our fundraisers have been thoroughly re-trained and we’re delighted to be up and running again, supporting our clients at this difficult time. We’re treading a careful path and taking things slowly. But we see a very positive future.

This period has given many of us pause for thought and we anticipate introducing some new services – new ways of working with charities, which will make face-to-face an even better and stronger fundraising channel.