Doing good is hard work.

You work hard for your cause and expect your partners to do the same. But do they do their best, or are they just ‘good enough’?

At Gilcore, we don’t just get stuff done for charities, we do it better than it’s been done before. We use data to improve the services we offer and chase the results you’ve been told are out of reach.

Our face-to-face campaigns in numbers

donor satisfaction rating


month one retention rate


of mystery shops score full marks

Your campaigns in safe hands

  • We run multi-channel campaigns across private sites, events, door & street
  • Partner with teams UK-wide & can scale at any time
  • We support all products: lottery, subscription, sponsorship, RG & membership

Your budgets put to work

  • ROI modelling & data-driven campaigns
  • Expert consultancy & ongoing strategy
  • Quick & efficient first & ongoing payments

Data analysis

The status quo isn’t good enough. So we go beyond ‘tried and tested’ and use decades of data to optimise, innovate and improve.

On-going compliance

We run regular, repeated compliance tests, audits and video shopping. Because your reputation is worth more than ‘once and done’ then hope for the best.

Developmental training

There’s always room to be better. So we use data to develop training processes that refresh, upskill and renew.

Detailed reporting

We send weekly reports with more detail than any other agency. Because transparency + accountability = better results.

Proactive management

Knowing you’re on-target is good. Partnering with an agency that uses data to improve, even when they don’t have to, is better.

Trustworthy representatives

‘Due diligence’ is more than a buzzword. We don’t just reference and DBS check, we re-badge every fundraiser every three months.

We’re industry old hats with a new vision.

raised in our careers

Over three decades we’ve co-founded three agencies, each supporting national and international charities to reach their fundraising goals – from the small and inspiring to the largest and widely loved. In that time we’ve learnt that there’s always a better way to do things. Great results aren’t built on passion or people alone. They’re built on information and insight.

We founded Gilcore to shake things up with data-driven fundraising, account management and campaign delivery for charities.

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